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Otso Lähdeoja

  • Professor, Tutkimusinstituutti, Research and doctoral education
  • +358469216117

Job description

Professor of artistic research (tenured)
Uniarts Helsinki, Research Hub

Otso Lähdeoja is a professor of artistic research at the Uniarts Helsinki Research Hub, composer, guitarist, and researcher in digital arts. He holds a doctorate in music from Paris VIII University and has led a myriad of crossover artistic projects over the past ten years. His works include composition and performance in musical ensembles, solo and group albums, sound art installations, multimedia projects, and music for contemporary dance performances. He has lived and worked in Finland, Canada, Belgium, and France. Otso Lähdeoja has led three consecutive Academy of Finland Research projects at the University of the Arts Helsinki between 2014 and 2021, focusing on the materialities of sound, intersubjective mediation and digitally augmented music instruments.