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Francisco Beltrame Trento

  • University Researcher, Tutkimusinstituutti, Research and doctoral education

Job description

At CERADA, the Center for Educational Research and Academic Development in the Arts, I have been coordinating the Academic Reading Circle on Post-Qualitative Inquiry and Arts Education and Ableism. I also had been working on the writing of papers regarding neurodiversity and neuroqueerness challenges for arts education environments. The paper “Queering the Ghosts of Typicality” was accepted in the First International Queer Death Studies Conference, taking place in Karlstad, Sweden during the first week of November. I also have been developing artistic research propositions. 


I have a bachelor’s degree in communications and a Master of Science in Image and Sound (Film Studies). In My PhD in Communications and Semiotics, I mainly worked with affect theory, following Baruch Spinoza’s approach on affects, problematizing how to develop an immanent critique of media that do not rely on judgemental utterances but transformative justice, relying on Spinozian difference between moral judgement and ethical evaluation. During my PhD, I had contact with the work of Brian Massumi, and then did part of my thesis at Concordia University (Montreal), participating of the Senselab – a research-group on Philosophy and artistic research. Since then, my interests have been shifting towards developing educational and artistic practices that attune to non-typical affects and ways of perceiving the world, as neurodiversity. I was invited for a Postdoctoral position in Concordia University in 2018, where for one year, supervised by Doctor Erin Manning, I participated of the Anarchive project, as well developing a written and visual practice around the issue of spectrality (forthcoming). Since 2019, I am a postdoctoral researcher at CERADA (The Center for Educational Research and Academic Development of the Arts) at The University of Arts Helsinki, where I am developing a project around neurodiversity and how to produce artistic and educational spaces open for neurodiverse subjectivities.

Artistic activities

Artistic Residencies

Senselab, Montreal, Canada (2016) – six months

Senselab, Montreal, Canada (2018-2019) – one year

KELP Festival, Lofoten Islands, Norway (2019) – one week

Öres – Örö Island Residency Program, Örö, Finland (2020) – one month

Research and publications

Refereed Journal Publications

1. Trento, F. B. (2021b). Crip teleportation: the animal that therefore I am—or I am not. TECCOGS – Revista Digital de Tecnologias Cognitivas, 22 (2020), 91–104. 3585.2020i22p91-104

2. Trento, F.B. (2021a). A Diary on Slowness at Örö Fortress Island. RUUKKU – Studies in Artistic Research, 15 (2021). [accessed 08/03/2021],

3. Trento, F.B.(2021). On Unconditional Hos(ti)pitality: Thinking-doing Strategies for Dis/Abling Arts Education. Matter: Journal of New Materialist Research, 2(1), 1–25.

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5. Trento, F. B. (2020). Queering the Ghosts of Typicality: On the Disruptive Potential of Fabian Ludueña’s Philosophy. Open Cultural Studies Vol 4, n 1, 74–83.

6. Trento, F.B. (2019). “Anarchival cinema and the powers of the false”. Inflexions vol. 11. PopFab. (Nov 2019).  ISSN 1916-5870.

7. Trento, F.B., Kuipers, H. (2018).“Extraordinary Adventures in Neurodiversity with Dougie Jones” Inflexions, (INfLx pOp up 1: Diversity in Diversity* (Sept 2018). [artistic-research text]

8. Trento, F.B.(2017).“Vivendo sob os murmúrios de Atlas” Galáxia (São Paulo), (n. 35), p. 132-139. [1]10.1590/1982-255401327661

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1. Manning, E., Trento, F.B. (trans.) (2020) Sempre mais do que um. São Paulo: GLAC[forthcoming]. From: Manning, E (2012) Always more than one: the individuation’s dance Durham and London: Duke University Press.

2. Massumi, B., Trento, F.B., Mello, F. (trans.) (2017) O que os animais nos ensinam sobre política, São Paulo: n-1 publications. From: Massumi, B (2014) What animals teach us about politics Durham and London: Duke University Press.

3. Massumi, B., Trento, F.B. (trans.) (2016) “A arte do corpo relacional: do espelho-tátil ao corpo virtual.” Galáxia (São Paulo), n. 31, p. 5-21. From: Massumi, B (2016) The Art of The Relational Body: From Mirror-Touch to The Virtual Body. [4] 10.1590/1982-25542016126462

4. Gunkel, D.J, Trento, F.B., Norcia, D (trans.) (2017) “Comunicação e inteligência artificial: novos desafios e oportunidades para a pesquisa em comunicação”. Galáxia (São Paulo) no. 34, p. 5-19. [5] 10.1590/1982-2554201730816 From: Gunkel, D.J. (2016) Communication and artificial intelligence: new and opportunities and challenges for communication research.

Peer-reviewed articles accepted for publication 

1. Trento, F.B. (2021). On Unconditional Hos(ti)pitality: Thinking-doing Strategies for Dis/Abling Arts Education. Matter: Journal of New Materialist Research

Articles under evaluation 

1. Trento, F. B. (2020). The Flirt with No Face: Uncanny Intimacies and Minor Socialities.  

Articles in Preparation 

1. Trento, F. B. (2020). A homage to my beloved Yuriy Kuchiev – A tale on neurodiversity, repetition and novelty. 

2. Trento, F. B. (2020). An Affective-Critical Review of Autistic Community and the Neurodiversity Movement.  

Artistic Research

1.Trento, F.B; Hoogendoorn, A. (2019). ‘i’m vrey into you‘, Research Catalogue (2019) [accessed 29/07/2019]

2. Hoogendoorn, A., Trento, F.B. (2019) “A spectropoetic love letter”. Simulacrum: Liefde – Love. Amsterdam: Universiteit van Amsterdam. ISSN 0929-7480

3. Trento, F.B. (2016)”struggles of an abstract animal”. Inflexions vol 10, Modes of Exhaustion.

Peer-Reviewed Abstracts Published in Books of Proceedings of Conferences

1. Trento, F.B. (2019).“Neuro-queering the ghosts of typicality’. In: The First International Queer Death Studies Conference. Death Matters, Queer(ing) Mourning, Attuning to Transitionings. Karlstad (SE).

2. Trento, F.B. (2018). Spectropoetic contingencies and cinematic fabulations: Two propositions on image and spectrology. In: Affects, Interfaces, Events: Book of Abstracts and Exhibitions. Aarhus: Aarhus University.

Book Chapters

1. Trento, F.B. (2020). Kelp Spillages. In: Cahoon, N; Methi, H; Wolfsberger A. (eds.). The Kelp Congress. (pp. 84–90). Svolvær: NNKS Press.

2. Trento, F.B. (2020). Tangutslipp. In: Cahoon, N; Methi, H; Wolfsberger A. (eds.). Tangboka.(pp. 84–90). Svolvær: NNKS Press.

3. Trento, F. B., Kuipers, H., Fogliano, A. (2016) To Act But For Nothing?, Or I Would Prefer Not To? What Is An Anarchive?. In: Murphie, A. (Org.). The Go-To, How To, Book of Anarchiving. 1ed. Montreal: Senselab/Lulu, 2016.

4.Trento, F.B. (2014). “Mídias, telas ubíquas e os múltiplos dispositivos de subjetivação: Uma análise do seriado Black Mirror”. In Oliveira, T., Maia, A., Jorge, L.,Ferreira, M. (orgs.). Reencontros da comunicação: Performance, corpo e subjetividade. Rio de Janeiros: EB Livros.

5.Massarolo, J.C., Rossato, M, Correia, G, Gatti, A., Gregolin, M., Mesquita, D., Camara, N., Trento, F.B.(2013).“Ficção Seriada brasileira na TV paga em 2012”.In Lopes, M. Estratégias de Transmidiação na Ficção Televisiva Brasileira. Porto Alegre: Sulina. 


Ongoing – Academic Reading Circle on Qualitative Inquiry in Arts Education and Ableism

August 31st, 2019 – A Minor Movement in Helsinki – Neuroqueerness and repairing

September 16th-22nd 2019KELP Congress – Diagramming Kelp. Lofoten Islands, Norway

October 24th – Workshop on disability with Liisa Jaakonaho and Kristiina Junttila for Dance Education students at TeaK

November 4-5 2019 – Presenting the paper Queering the Ghosts of Typicality at the First International Queer Death Studies Conference. Karlstad, Sweden.

December 2019 – CERADA Studia Generalia lecture On absolute hos(ti)pitality: radical difference in arts education environments. Uniarts, Helsinki.


  • critical disability studies
  • queer studies
  • process philosophy
  • media theory