Photo: Uniarts Helsinki / Veikko Kähkönen

University of the Arts Helsinki admits 284 new students

New students to the University of the Arts Helsinki (Uniarts Helsinki) have been selected. The number of new bachelor’s and master’s students admitted to the university is 284, of which 25 will study at the Academy of Fine Arts, 191 at the Sibelius Academy, and 68 at the Theatre Academy. Of the admitted students, 95.6% had listed Uniarts Helsinki as their primary choice of university.

The bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes received a total of 4205 applications (the number of applicants was 3725). The Academy of Fine Arts received 666 applications, while the Sibelius Academy received 1451 and the Theatre Academy 2088 applications. Uniarts Helsinki is one of Finland’s most sought-after universities, as only about 7.62% of the applicants were admitted. The most sought-after degree programmes were Acting, Fine Arts and Music Education.

The first admissions to Uniarts Helsinki’s new Master’s Degree Programme in Writing took place this year, and the programme will be launched in August. The master’s degree programme admitted six students out of 152 applicants. The Master’s Degree Programme in Writing is organised with the help of a million-euro donation from the Otava Group and the Otava Book Foundation. The programme will strengthen the position of writing and literature as an independent field of art and provide a multidisciplinary path to becoming a professional writer. The new Professors of Writing are poet and writer Mikael Brygger, writer and winner of the Finlandia Prize Riikka Pelo, freelance writer and researcher Antti Salminen, and writer and winner of the Finlandia Prize Jussi Valtonen.

The number of applicants and admitted students varies each year, because some programmes do not admit new students on a yearly basis.

The results of the bachelor’s and master’s admissions and the admission statistics can be found at:

Only those who have given the permission to publish their name are mentioned in the list of admitted students on the website.

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