Photo: Eeva Anundi

Under the microscope: Foucault and climate change

What do climate change, French philosopher Michel Foucault and acting have in common? The answer: at the very least Anu Koskinen’s artistic research project, “How to Embody an Ecological Catastrophe”, which brings Foucault to the stage. The research has resulted in the performance Tältä Planeetalta (From this planet), which premiered last spring.

Foucault studied power in different forms, which makes him well-suited to investigating an ecological catastrophe. Koskinen drew upon the theories of Foucault already in her doctoral thesis, which focussed on the emotional states of the actor. “When I was completing my doctoral thesis, I got frustrated with just writing. Foucault is close to my heart, but I want to connect him to movement, to the use of our bodies. It was a wonderful moment for me, getting to bring Foucault physically to the stage as a character.”

The research is funded by the Kone Foundation. 

The text has originally been published as part of Uniarts Helsinki’s annual report. Read more stories here or browse the pdf version of the annual report.