Rania Khalil

Tutke Week at the Research Pavilion at the Venice Biennale

Research Pavilion of the University of the Arts Helsinki
Sala del Camino, Campo S. Cosmo (Vaporetto stop Palanca)
Giudecca, 621 Venice

Tutke Week at the Research Pavilion of the University of the Arts Helsinki at the Venice Biennale 14.–20.6.2015
Doctoral students Sami Henrik Haapala, Tuuja Jänicke, Otso Kautto, Simo Kellokumpu ja Rania Khalil from Theatre Academy’s Performing Arts Research Centre Tutke will present their on-going artistic research.
Tuuja Jänicke is working on her newest project “Tell me about your performing body” which has its interest in ordinary people’s experience of their performing bodies.
Otso Kautto is performing healing words in a private encounter with spectators – seen as clients – where the client tells what she/he needs to hear, and then Kautto says it aloud.  
Egytian American Rania Khalil will present Palestinian Wildlife Series, a set of moving images of African animals shot directly from a television set in Palestine. In this video lecture performance she reflects on intersections of post-human, post-colonial and Afro-futurist thought.
Simo Kellokumpu works with his Research Catalogue online-exposition called Tutke Giorni 2015 Venice. It is an extension of his choreographic videogesture presented in the exhibition of the Research Pavilion.
Sami Henrik Haapala is setting up a Research Disco for Thursday afternoon.
Find out more about Tutke Week here.

Additional information about the schedule here (pdf).