Tuomas Juutilainen: Opera Coaching studies are rewarding but demanding

Tuomas Juutilainen was the only student accepted in the 2,5 years' Master's programme of Opera Coaching at the Sibelius Academy in 2016. According to him, a professional opera coaching pianist has to be able to adjust and adapt new music in a short period of time. Juutilainen participated in the master class of adjunct professor Martin Katz in September 2016. 

- I enjoy being able to work with large production groups: sitting alone in a practice room has never been my thing. These studies require hard work and there is a lot of playing, and the days may be long. If you are planning on applying to the opera coaching studies, it could be a good idea to seek contact and work with singers in good time and play a lot of opera music, Juutilainen says. 

On the video Tuomas Juutilainen tells about his studies at the Sibelius Academy. Turn on the subtitles from the lower right corner of the video window.