Photo: Alžběta Jungrová / PQ
The Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space was organised in June 6-16.

Students win again at Prague Quadrennial

Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy students won for a second consecutive time at the international festival in scenography. The exhibition “Kolo” was created in collaboration with Aalto Arts students.

The students won in the category of “Best Student Exhibition Experience”. The award was shared between Finland, Taiwan and Georgia. The “Kolo” (Finnish for nook) exhibition was constructed as a sheltering cave, inspired by the holes that small animals find to protect themselves.

The Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space (PQ in short) is the world’s largest festival in scenography. This year the event was held in 6-16 June. The quadriennial gathers professionals in stage, costume, lighting, sound, image design and theatre architecture from circa 70 countries to Prague every four years.

Kolo Working Group

Curator Sampo Pyhälä

Curatorial Team Kimmo Karjunen, Riikka Kytönen

Artists Oscar Dempsey, Harold Hejazi, Bryant Hoban, June Horton-white, Atte Kantonen, Mirva Mietala, Riikka Mäntymaa, Riina Nieminen, Niklas Nybom, Jenni Nylander, Liisi Soroush, Elina Ström, Johanna Sulalampi, Csilla Szlovák, Jouni Tapio, Bea Tornberg, Teija Turtio, Vilma Vantola

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