Photo: Wilma Hurskainen

Stephen Webb: Enjoying the urban campus and flexible studies

In addition to majoring in composition, American Stephen Webb is also a pianist and organist. He appreciates the flexibility and freedom that studying at the Sibelius Academy offers.

“In the US I got used to quite a systematic schedule. Here every school day is different, which is quite exiting, and the university works in quite an organic way. It is also very international, with students coming from all over Europe as well as from North America and Asia. I find it really nice to work with all the departments and people from so many different backgrounds.

You have tons of flexibility in constructing your own studies, and the university offers a lot of space for you to find your artistic identity. If you want to organise a concert yourself, it is actually quite easy if you just take the necessary steps and reach out to the faculty for help. You can choose studies from the other Uniarts academies as well as from other Finnish universities, according to your academic interests.

You shouldn’t underestimate yourself when considering studying here. Be honest and put the most true version of yourself out there. I find that here they appreciate your potential as much as your talent.

The Uniarts campus is very urban and that makes commuting from one place to another nice; you can stop for a cup of coffee on the way when moving between different buildings.”

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