Photo: Mercedes Balarezo

Sounding dance and handstands: sign up for open courses

Master's students in dance pedagogy Mercedes Balarezo and Maiju Heikkinen will hold courses in sounding dance and practicing handstands at the Theatre Academy. The courses, held as part of their teaching practices, are open and free of charge for everyone, and not limited to students of University of the Arts Helsinki.  See instructions on how to sign up below.

The voice as a limb — Sounding dance workshop

26.2.–11.4., Tuesdays and Thursdays, 17:30–19:30.
The group will meet up at Tori, the ground-floor foyer of the Theatre Academy (Haapaniemenkatu 6).

The course will explore improvised movement, harmonised with breathing. Breathing will turn into sound, and in the improvised dance the voice is included as a limb that moves and composes in the space without judgment. Sounding dance allows participants to use body and voice as a whole expressive entity. The guiding principles of the workshop are dialogue and a sense of community developed by sharing experiences of creating dance and sound together.

The course is for everyone above 15 years old. No experience needed, just the willingness to share and the openness to explore.

Teacher: Mercedes Balarezo, an Ecuadorian dancer and a master's student in dance pedagogy. 
Language: English.

Sign up or ask for more info:
Mercedes Balarezo, phone: 044 9831747 or WhatsApp: +593 0986 998848,
or find and DM Mercedes on Facebook. 


Handstand course

18.3.–15.4., Mondays and Fridays, 17:00–19:00.
The first session (18.3.) in practice hall 523, Theatre Academy (Haapaniemenkatu 6).
(The sessions will be held in multiple classrooms; the participants will be informed about the spaces at the first session.)

Over the nine sessions of this course, the basics on how to do a handstand are learned. The course may be adjusted to a more advanced level at the participants' wish. Maximum number of participants is 15.

All those interested in practicing handstands are welcome regardless of their level of experience.

Teacher: Maiju Heikkinen, a circus artist and a master's student in dance pedagogy.
Language: Finnish; English if needed.

Sign up or ask for more info: maiju.heikkinen (at)