Photo: Harri Mäki
Bence Bubreg (clarinet), Tähe-Lee Liiv (piano) and Kevin Klasman (clarinet) studied chamber music with Petri Aarnio during the first ever Young Musicians' International Class weekend at the Sibelius Academy.

The Sibelius Academy's Junior Academy is piloting international co-operation

For the academic year 2018-2019, the Young Musicians' International Class has been established for the Sibelius Academy’s Junior Academy to examine possibilities in international co-operation. Three students were selected to participate in this project for its pilot phase - two from Estonia and one from Austria.
The young talents will be studying in Finland with the Sibelius Academy teachers about once a month. In addition to individual lessons, the students can also participate in chamber music lessons. They spent their first Young Musicians’s International Class weekend in Helsinki in September 2018. During the weekend the youngsters received private lessons from the teachers of their own instrument and also took chamber music classes.
One of the international pioneers is a 17-year-old clarinet student Bence Bubreg. Besides studying in the music secondary school he is currently studying at the Tyrolean State Conservatory in Innsbruck, Austria. In addition to clarinet playing, he is also studying conducting.
- I met Professor Harri Mäki on a master class in Austria and actively started looking for opportunities to study with him. Through this program I got that chance! Previously it has not really been possible for students like me to study in Sibelius Academy without living or studying permanently in Finland. On this first occasion I have enjoyed everything here: in the the premises one hears music all the time, everything is modern, and the teachers are flexible and always willing to help, Bubreg says.
The studies in the international class include at least one assessed public performance (eg. in matinées organized by the Sibelius Academy Junior Academy) during the academic year. Students receive feedback on their progress and at the end of the academic year they will evaluate their studies and progress with the Department Head and the teacher. The purpose of this now established semester-long experiment is to gather experiences and views in order to possibly also extend the activities to several other instruments and/or genres in the future.