Photo: Sofia Pallilo

Sara Gurevitsch's and Tom Lönnqvist's Thesis Piece at Kallio Stage

Dry storm

performances to be general beings

The work arises from fragmented changes in the body, created by embodied reflections from the environment. It rattles through the materialization of dryness, into hybrid bodies that in their multi directionality loosely connects anywhere and everywhere. Building structures of feeling and waiting, wondering in the in-betweeness.

Performances to be beings.

Relationality, affect, action, performativity. Showing thinking duration. Clumsy studdering: distance empathy listening supporting. Sensitivity, imagination. Absurdity breaking down new logic. Materiality. Cosmic Space global: ending wish hybrid after. Extended mind distributed cognition. Affirmative relational ethics that takes all the above into account. Thinking about running.


Performers: Jenna Broas (guest), Geoffrey Erista (Nma), Tuuli Heinonen (Sma), Ella Koikkalainen (TT), Katriina Tavi (guest) ja Salla Rytövuori (guest)
Costume design: Hanne Jurmu (Aalto ARTS)
Sound design: Tom Lönnqvist (Sound design MA Thesis)
Choreography: Sara Gurevitsch (TK, MA Thesis)
Light design: Sofia Palillo (Vma)
Dramaturgy: Elli Salo (Dma)
Set design: Hanne Jurmu, Tom Lönnqvist, Sara Gurevitsch, Sofia Palillo

Premier 7.2.2018 kl 19.00
Other performances: fri 9.2. kl 19, sat 10.2. kl 19, sun 11.2. kl 15, tue 13.2. kl 14 and 19, thu 15.2. kl 19.
Location: Kallio stage, Pengerkatu 11 A, Helsinki