Photo: Dani Modrej

A Potential Performance


6. & 7. June 2017, 7pm

Konttori 7 / Kaasutehtaankatu 1, Suvilahti, 00540 Helsinki

Urška Brodar
Eva Nina Lampič
Melissa Krodman
Dani Modrej
and Bence Mezei

"A Potential Performance" is about a performance that never occurs. The work consists of three parts, and explores how our minds fill in narrative gaps, based on personal contexts, knowledge, and circumstances. In this way cultural, political and gender biases are revealed, and the audience members are offered to question their own perception and the prejudices they hold, which impact the way they view the world.

Produced by: Glej Theatre, Barbara Poček
Coproduced by: Ballhaus Ost, Berlin, Tina Pfurr
The shows in Helsinki are presented in cooperation with the Live Art and Performance Studies MA programme (LAPS), Theatre Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki.

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