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Post Doc Circus is a new type of collegial peer-group based event on the work and ideas of the postdoctoral researchers, pedagogues and teachers graduated and/or working at the Theatre Academy (TeaK). It is organized and hosted in collaboration between Performing Arts Research Centre (Tutke) and Centre for Artistic Research (CfAR). The first sessions start during this spring!

The aim of Post Doc Circus is to respond to the needs of persons graduated in performing arts by providing them a platform where they can 1) present and test their practical and/or theoretical ideas or projects and have collegial feedback, and 2) make their pedagogical work, research or other projects (better) known at TeaK.


The gatherings are based the following simple premises:

  • One presenter per each session. A session takes about 3 hours (during weekdays and preferably in evening times, from 17 to 20 or from 18 to 21)
  • The presentations take place at the venues of TeaK, unless otherwise agreed
  • They are organised at the initiative of presenters themselves
  • Each presenter organizes the event by herself, i.e. takes care that all the experts and stakeholders are present (including staff members, professional colleagues, etc.) and agrees on the venue and technique with Tutke
  • The presenter may invite an external expert at the cost of CfAR
  • The doctoral candidates and other students are welcome to follow the meetings
  • The presenter makes a short report of the gathering on this site
  • There is no permanent date. The gatherings may take place whenever agreed during the semesters
  • The call for presentations is permanently open. The program of the semester will be announced at the beginning of each semester
  • Tutke and CfAR take care of the general communication within Uniarts


These premises were agreed collegially at the first PDC gathering on 26 Jan 2018 and they are renegotiatable.


Would you be interested in presenting your work, practice or research at Post Doc Circus?
Please contact professors Pilvi Porkola (pilvi.porkola(at) and Esa Kirkkopelto (esa.kirkkopelto(at) for scheduling!



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