The next application period to the Sibelius Academy’s doctoral schools starts on 2 January 2018

Doctoral study at Sibelius Academy is based on the interaction between art, research, and pedagogy. The goal of the doctoral students is to complete a doctor of music degree. Students admitted to the doctoral school can also complete a licentiate degree before the doctor of music degree.  

The next application period to the Sibelius Academy’s doctoral schools starts on 2 January 2018 and ends on 9 February 2018.

Eligibility for doctoral studies requires that candidates have a master of music degree or equivalent. Eligibility may also be based on other prior studies, subject to the Academic Council's assessment of the candidate's prospects for successful study in the programme.

Applications to the doctoral schools must be directed to the Academic Council. Based on the application, the student can be granted the right to study towards the doctor of music degree, the student can be granted the opportunity to be admitted as a preparatory external student (at the doctoral school head’s discretion), OR the application can be rejected.

An application form is available online at All appendices to the application must be submitted to a platform to be announced later.

Doctorates can be earned in three different study programmes: Arts, Research, or Applied Study. The doctorates can be completed in classical music, church music, music theory, composition, folk music, jazz, music technology, arts management, or music education. Doctoral education takes place in two doctoral schools: DocMus and MuTri.

In the Arts Study Programme, the focus is on independent artistic work, complemented by studies that enhance conceptual understanding of the field. The demonstration of proficiency combines artistic and research-oriented approaches. The demonstration of proficiency usually includes five artistic components (concerts and recordings or an equivalent combination) and a thesis.

In the Research Programme, the focus is on academic research and complementary studies in research skills. The demonstration of proficiency in the Research Programme is a traditional dissertation.

In the Applied Study Programme, the students develop specialised knowledge and skills through a music-related research and development project. The degree can be academic/scientific or artistic. The demonstration of proficiency includes various components, for example, new and proven methods, applications, programmes, materials, or theories.

More information about applying to the doctoral studies can be found here

More information:
DocMus/Sirpa Järvelä, , 040 710 4286
MuTri/Hannu Tolvanen, , 050 568 0584

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