New SibaRecords release offers resonance on many levels

Nathan Riki Thomson’s album Resonance is due to be released by SibaRecords on the 1st November 2019. The term resonance is explored in this project as both a physical phenomenon and a metaphor for intercultural dialogue, connection, collaboration and identity. Release formats include CD, LP and digital.

Taking inspiration from his five years spent living in Tanzania and Zambia, collaborations with musicians from diverse backgrounds and reflections on his homeland of Australia, Nathan Riki Thomson creates a border crossing sonic landscape rich in colour, texture, dialogue and rhythm. Six collaborators join Nathan for this album and he engages in dialogue with each of them in duo format, alongside a set of solo pieces and a composition for quartet.

Nathan’s unique double bass sound transforms itself via a series of acoustic attachments and electronic manipulation. The palette of sound also features Brazilian berimbau, Finnish prepared kantele, Chinese guzheng and Sámi joik, along-side live electronics, springs and custom-made percussion instruments. The album is superbly recorded by Mikko Haapoja, working with multiple microphone setups and carefully chosen spaces in order to capture every minute detail of the sound. The project has been produced with great care and vision by Simon Allen, Adriano Adewale and Thomson himself, who ensure that the performances are captured and reproduced in the purest form with honesty and integrity. On this album the effects of intercultural dialogue fuse into a unique voice, finding primary resonance deep below the musical surface.

Nathan Riki Thomson is Lecturer and Programme Leader for Global Music at Sibelius Academy, Uniarts Helsinki. Resonance forms part of his artistic doctoral work.

The live album launch will take place on 7th November 2019 as part of the Etnosoi! Festival in Vuotalo, Helsinki at 19:00. This concert also features live visuals created in real time made from close up images of materials found in Finnish nature, resonating on a custom-built metal plate, filmed and projected as large-scale moving images.

SibaRecords (est. 2009) is the record label of Sibelius Academy, Uniarts Helsinki. The label’s goal is to produce high quality records, help musicans expand their artistic output and spread out music created within Sibelius Academy. Sibarecords products are distributed world-wide by Naxos.

Further info:
Pauli Raitakari
p. +358 50 511 6467


Resonance CD/Digi (SRCD-1023)

1. Cycles (Thomson) 3’25’’
2. Oaidnemeahttun / Invisible (music: Thomson / lyrics: Länsman) 7’19’’
3. Sonar (Allen / Lähdeoja / Thomson) 1’24’’
4. Ode to Nana (Adewale / Thomson) 8’10’’
5. Seeds (Thomson) 2’55’’
6. Roots of the Baobab Tree (Kauhanen / Thomson) 4’48’’
7. Lines in the Air (Lähdeoja / Thomson) 1’42’’
8. Palm Oil and Chilli (Allen / Thomson) 4’11’’
9. Resonator (Thomson) 3’37’’
10. Third Space Bass (Lähdeoja / Thomson) 2’30’’
11. Laminar Flow (Adewale / Allen / Thomson) 5’55’’
12. Migration by Sea (Poutanen / Thomson) 4’04’’
13. Resonance (Thomson) 5’08’’
14. Lullaby (Thomson) 2’23’’

Resonance LP (SRLP-1023)

A side

1. Cycles (Thomson) 3’24’’
2. Oaidnemeahttun / Invisible (alt take) (Thomson / Länsman) 5’00’’
3. Palm Oil and Chilli (Allen / Thomson) 4’10’’
4. Roots of the Baobab Tree (Kauhanen / Thomson) 4’47’’
5. Resonance (Thomson) 5’07’’
6. Lullaby (Thomson) 2’22’’

B side

7. Seeds (Thomson) 2’53’’
8. Migration by Sea (live) (Poutanen / Thomson) 6’40’’
9. Sonar (Allen, Lähdeoja, Thomson) 1’21’’
10. Ode to Nana (vinyl version) (Adewale / Thomson) 13’03’’


Adriano Adewale / percussion, berimbau, vocals
Simon Allen / bowed and plucked springs, percussion
Maija Kauhanen / prepared kantele
Otso Lähdeoja / electronics
Hildá Länsman / vocals
Petra Poutanen / vocals, guzheng
Nathan Riki Thomson / double bass, prepared and augmented double bass, ankle and hand shakers, stomp box, Wagogo overtone flute, bass bridge ilimba, vocals