New publications on the field of dance art

The Art University's Theater Academy publishes three new works that provide speeches on dance, self-knowledge, body language and new learning. (All publications are in finnish.)

Dance artists Raisa Vennamo and Maija Karhunen have delivered the book Human Movement - the writings on the use of the Feldenkrais method, which adopts the many experiences of bodily learning. The work documents the somatic work content, events and interests of its practitioners. The Feldenkrais method is treated both as learning experiences as well as from the point of view of the Feldenkrais instructor, artist's work, therapy and art instruction.

In Postmodern dance in Finland? -anthology 14 dance artists and dance experts tell about their relationship to postmodern dance and shed light onto their paths into dance art. Anthology gives the reader an insight into the versatility of a dance artist's work and information on the thoughts of dance art. The work was delivered by Liisa Pentti and Niko Hallikainen.

Ari Tenhula and Anne Makkonen delivered an antology of Thesis writings from the Master's Degree Program in Dance Performance: Offerings and Operations - Writings on dancer's work. It familiarizes the reader with today's diversity of the dancers work, giving voice to dance artists who have graduated from the Theater Academy between 2008-2017. The work challenges customary art practices and gives articulations the new, accompanied by the histories of hierarchies, practices, valuations, traces and echoes.

The lively spring of dance publications will be celebrated on Friday, 18 May 2018, at 4.00 pm at the Theater Academy's library courtyard (Haapaniemenkatu 6, street level). Warmly welcome to the launching event and to discuss the dance book novelties!