New publication looks into the relations between bodies movement and urban spaces.

In Laura Tuorila's book Paikan baletti – kokemuksellinen liike rakennetussa ympäristössä examines the relationship between movement of a body and a space. Movement is first looked at at the level of perception and then in a broader sense as an activity that builds personal and social spaces. 

The focus is on the public urban environment and the movement happening in the mundane activities. Movement within built environments is often been seen as a traffic. Another repetitive way of approaching the topic has been a romanticized journey. The book sets itself between these perspectives and examines the personal aspects of everyday movements. From the presented theory the author conducts principles for urban planning that considers the bodies movements in a multifaceted way.

Author Laura Tuorila is a space designer and a dancer. Analysed and articulated embodied data used in the book is based on Tuorila's dancers experience with choreographer Willi Dorner’s piece Bodies in Urban Spaces.

You can purchage the book from Unigrafia webshop. Or from Theatre Academy Library (26€ normal prize / 20€ studets of the University of the Arts Helsinki, alumnas and other students)

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Laura Tuorila: Paikan baletti. Kokemuksellinen liike rakennetussa ympäristössä

You can also read the book online for free at the digital archive Helda.