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Tero Nauha took up his post as Professor of the MA programme in Live Art and Performance Studies on November 1.

New LAPS Professor Tero Nauha: Anything can be considered a performance

Tero Nauha took up his post as Professor of the MA programme in Live Art and Performance Studies on November 1. The LAPS programme of Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy has been an international pioneer in the development and research of performance art. 

Uniarts Helsinki’s alum Tero Nauha graduated from the Theatre Academy with a doctoral degree in theatre and drama in 2016. Nauha has been creating performance art for nearly twenty years already. His artistry lies within performance art, at the intersection of Live Art and media art. In addition to the Theatre Academy, he has also taught at Uniarts Helsinki’s Academy of Fine Arts. 

Nauha’s work history combines artistic theory and practice with different art forms and a strong international perspective. These areas also characterize the LAPS programme, and it is indeed Nauha’s wish to strengthen the programme’s ties to the outer world. 

”A majority of LAPS students come from abroad. I want to develop collaboration between the programme and other institutions, both in Finland and internationally, in such a way that the Finnish art community and international liaisons would be naturally present in our teaching, side by side. This way we would hopefully also avoid a brain drain from Finland”, states Nauha. 

The new Professor is full of enthusiasm at the prospect of developing the programme in new directions. 

”In practice, anything can be thought of as performance. What would an economic or corporate performance look like, for instance? My wish is to develop LAPS into a programme where we could investigate e.g. the virtual and digital spheres from the perspective of Live Art.” 

Live Art has come a long way since the early days of the LAPS programme. The field has diversified, which is apparent when you look at the background of its artists. Visual artists, dancers and dramaturges are now seeking out Live Art. The programme’s current students also include a journalist. 

”Live Art has become one of the most visible forms of performance art in Finland. In ten years the field has been transformed from a do-it-yourself vibe to a professional field to be reckoned with.”

In the LAPS programme, artistic activity is in constant dialogue with theory, something Nauha is also not forgetting. 

”Studies in theory help further artistic research, already conducted at a high level here at the Theatre Academy. The degree requirements of the LAPS programme comprise the use of artistic research methods. To many new students, however, research may be something completely new.”

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