Photo: Jarkko Partanen

New Kinesis publication raises current discussions in European performing arts and its education

The new publication in University of the Arts Helsinki, Theatre Academy’s Kinesis series is Kirsi Monni & Ric Allsopp (eds.) Practicing Composition: Making Practice. Texts, Dialogues and Documents 2011-2013. The book documents and discusses the current themes of physically based performance and its education in MA level in European art universities. The book consists of contributions from 19 writers from six European art universities and among the discussed topics are poiesis, poetics, composition, latency, assemblage, open form, formless, co-dependent creation, interruption, ad-hoc dramaturgy, emergency, collective learning environments, utopian choreography, framed reality and post-identity politics.

The book reflects the different discourses, practices and approaches that were explored by participants of Erasmus Intensive Project (IP) Practicing Composition: Making Practice initiated and co-ordinated by the MA SODA (Solo/ Dance/ Authorship) programme at the HZT, University of the Arts, Berlin (2011−2013).  The IP aimed to provide a framework for the live, interactive sharing, discussion and analysis of dramaturgical, compositional and choreographic approaches to the making and composition of physically-based performance that are currently in use in a number of practice-led graduate dance and choreographic Master's programmes in Europe.

The publication consists of keynote lectures, dialogues between participating staff and students, and documentations of the workshops. Articles and dialogues treat the IP themes on a more ontological level whereas workshop descriptions document the practices, in transparent, generous and open access manner.

The publication includes contributions by Ric Allsopp, Niels Bovri , João DaSilva, Scott deLahunta, Ellen Jeffrey, Emilie Gallier, Konstantina Georgelou, Saara Hannula, Martin Hargreaves, Kiran Kumar, Miika Luoto, Sergiu Matis, Kirsi Monni, Sophia New, Mila Pavićević, Victoria Pérez Royo, Goran Sergej Pristaš, Ari Tenhula and Jasna Zmak.

Kinesis is publication series for dance programmes at University of the Arts Helsinki, Theatre Academy.

Kirsi Monni and Ric Allsopp (eds.): Practicing Composition: Making Practice. Texts, Dialogues and Documents 2011–2013. Kinesis 6, 2015.

Price 20€. The publication can be bought at University of the Arts Helsinki, Theatre Academy’s Library (Haapaniemenkatu 6, Helsinki) or ordered at Delivery cost 10 € / order. The publication will become available online December 31, 2015.

Erasmus IP Partner MA Programmes: 

MA SODA (Solo/ Dance/ Authorship) HZT, University of the Arts, Berlin, DE; MA Choreography, School of Dance, ArtEZ, Arnhem, NL; MA Choreography, Theatre Academy the of University of the Arts, Helsinki, FI; MA Dance Theatre: The Body in Performance, Trinity/ Laban, London, UK; Dance Programme, Falmouth University, UK; MA Performance Dramaturgy, Academy of Drama Arts; University of Zagreb, HR; MA in Performing Arts Practice and Visual Culture, University of Castilla-La Mancha, ES