Photo: Petri Summanen
Beth Collar’s works are presented in the “Dimensions Tomorrow” exhibition until early September.

New exhibitions kickstart the autumn at the galleries of the Academy of Fine Arts

New exhibitions opening in the Exhibition Laboratory and Project Room as the autumn term gets underway.

This autumn’s events and exhibitions introduce works by artists at various stages in their careers. The exhibitions showcase art produced by students working towards their bachelor’s and master’s degrees as well as works by established artists, whose focus is on artistic research. There will also be two public lecture series for the audience to attend: Prognostics, which focuses on the emerging themes in the world of art, and Avoimet opet, which delves into the work, artistic practice and interests of the teaching staff of the Academy of Fine Arts. The traditional Christmas Sale, which is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year, takes place in mid-December. There will also be lectures and events arranged in conjunction with many of the exhibitions in the coming months, and more detailed information related to them will be made available in the course of the autumn term.

Exhibition Laboratory: BFAs, artistic research and the launch of a virtual gallery

Dimensions Tomorrow, an exhibition focusing on sculpture, continues its run until the first week of September. The exhibition examines the identity of sculpture at the crossroads of the classical tradition and modern technologies, and it introduces art produced by the students and alumni of the Academy as well as works by international artists. The theme of the exhibition is explored in more detail in a two-day discussion event at the conclusion of the exhibition on the 5th and 6th of September. This event delves into the different forms of sculpture, and the discussion is certain to take increasingly expansive and even strange turns.

The BFA degree show, which opens on the 20th of September, is one of the most important events of the entire semester at the Academy of Fine Arts. The degree show introduces works by students who are taking their final steps towards the bachelor’s degree, and it provides the public with a great opportunity to become acquainted with the works of artists employing various forms of expression. This year’s BFA degree show includes works by 25 graduating artists at different stages of their exhibition careers.

Exhibition Laboratory will host curator Basak Senova’s project CrossSections from 25 October to 17 November. Research Pavilion #3 Info Lab will run parallel to CrossSections on the upper floor of the Exhibition Laboratory, summarizing the Academy’s activities at this year’s Research Pavilion in Venice. A seminar focusing on the experiences accumulated at the Research Pavilion will be organized in conjunction with the Info Lab on Saturday, 26 October.

The activities of the Exhibition Laboratory will be complemented by a virtual gallery when Tuomo Rainio, Lecturer in Art and Technology, takes over the exhibition space together with his students on 18–24 November. The group’s works make use of augmented reality technologies, which the audience can view with their phones or tablets. The works will remain in the gallery space as virtual traces after the conclusion of the exhibition, and they may later be supplemented by new works.

Those interested in artistic research may already have marked down the date for the KuvA Research Days, which will be organised from the 9th to the 11th of December. The event includes a group exhibition curated by Denise Ziegler, who works as Postdoctoral Researcher at the Academy of Fine Arts. The exhibition will open on the 27th of November, and it examines questions related to experience and experimentation in artistic practice and research. The theme of the exhibition will be further discussed on the second day of the Research Days.

The autumn term comes to an end with the traditional students’ Christmas sale on 13–15 December. The sale provides a wonderful opportunity to find new alluring artworks and to buy some Christmas presents.

Project Room: Exhibitions by master’s students

Just like in previous years, the autumn term at the Project Room, the other central gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts, is devoted to projects by master’s students. Many of these artists took part in the MFA degree show Kuvan Kevät in May, and now they have the opportunity to present a more comprehensive coverage of their works. The artists will personally oversee their exhibitions in the Project Room, which provides the audience members with a good chance to have a chat with them while enjoying their works.

The artists exhibiting in the Project Room approach art from various perspectives. The autumn term is opened by Peetu Liesinen, who presents his first solo exhibition, Passage. The exhibition is composed of paintings, drawings and video works, and the works revolve thematically around music, personal experiences and humour. The exhibition will remain open until the 9th of September.

Later in the autumn, the gallery will host among others artworks produced by a pair of young painters, Philip Lernhammar and Linda Roschier, psychedelic ceramic portraits by Hemuloordi, the Lokka Reservoir project, which combines the personal with the political by Emma Peura, as well as exhibitions by Terhi Nieminen and Jarno Parkkima.

Lectures begin in late September, more events to be added to the autumn’s activities

Public lectures will be held on Tuesdays. Avoimet opet is a lecture series where teachers working at the Academy of Fine Arts talk about their interests and artistic practice. The series includes three lectures in the autumn term. The first lecture, to be held on the 24th of September, features Tuomo Rainio, Lecturer in Art and Technology. This event is followed by a lecture by Salla Tykkä, Professor of Contemporary Art and Moving Image on 22 October, and later by Tanja Kiiveri, who has just started as Lecturer of Time and Space Arts, on 19 November.

The Prognostics lecture series, which focuses on emerging themes in art and society, will also continue in October.

The exhibitions are complemented by various events and seminars, which will be announced later. You can stay up-to-date with all the activities by consulting the website of the Exhibition Laboratory and the Facebook page of the Academy of Fine Arts. You can also check the Exhibition Laboratory’s Instagram account @exhibitionlaboratory.

You are warmly welcome to attend all the exhibitions and events!

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Exhibitions are open Tue–Sun, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Closed on Mondays and during exhibition set-ups. You can learn more about the accessibility of the gallery spaces here.

The programme is subject to change.