Photo: Hannu Keski-Hakuni

Methods of Contemporary Choreography - Demo Presentations

Open Demo presentations of the MA Programmes in Choreography and Dance Performance at Theatre Academy of University of the Arts 13th and 14th of April.

This spring the students have approached methods of contemporary choreography and dramaturgy in the form of workshops and small work-in-progress creations. They have been guided to these thematics by Jennifer Lacey, Jeroen Peeters, Anna-Mari Karvonen and Ari Tenhula. During the demo presentation evenings they share some work-in-progress -performances created within last four weeks.

The unformal happening begins at 6 pm and ends later. Evening is free of charge, late arrival and early exit acceptable.


Where: Theater Academy (Haapaniemenkatu 6), staircase A, 7th floor, class 709.

When: Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th of April, starting at 6 pm.

On demo stage:
MA students in Choreography and Dance Performance 
Jenni-Elina von Bagh, Sara Gurevitsch, Sebastian López-Lehto, Iiro Näkki, Krista-Julia Arppo, Jenna Broas, Karoliina Kauhanen, Anni Koskinen, Outi Markkula, Pinja Poropudas, Johannes Purovaara, Lotta Suomi and Katriina Tavi.