Photo: Theofanis Kavvadas
Linda Martikainen: Triskelion

Martikainen's and Huhtakallio's films selected to Loikka Dance Film Festival

Two short dance films from students of MA in Choreography, Soili Huhtakallio's Let Go and Linda Martikainen's Triskelion, were selected to the Loikka Dance Film Festival Program 2016

Huhtakallio's Let go is made for Philippe Beer-Gabel's music. The choreography, screenplay and direction of the film are by Huhtakallio, dance by Meeri Altmets and Johannes Hiltunen, cinematography by Jarmo Kiuru and set design by Fabian Nyberg. The editor of the film is Nina Vornanen and gaffer Dan Sykes.

Martikainen's Triskelion is a result of Theatre Academy's and Aalto University's joint course Dance for Camera 2015. The working group is: Martikainen (director and choreographer), Joonas Luomala and Anne Naukkarinen (performers), Amita Kilumanga (costume designer), Theofanis Kavvadas (cinematographer) and Jyri Pirinen (sound designer). 

Loikka-festival takes place in Helsinki on 7th to 10th of April 2016. Triskelion and Let go will be shown in the Students' Voises series on Saturday 9th of April.   

Soili Huhtakallio: Let go. Photo: Jarmo Kiuru