Photo: Nina Numminen

MA in Choreography performed and lectured in Moscow

The MA Programme in Choreography was invited to visit ZIL Cultural Center in Moscow, on November 12th. ZIL is a large and diversified cultural center with Moscow’s only contemporary dance venue. The visit is part of Dance Info Finland’s Russia programme which aims at souping up a diverse collaboration between Finnish and Russian artists, groups and organizations in the field of contemporary dance.

At the ZIL, MA in Choreography staged three performances from students: Jenni-Elina von Bagh’s solo piece in-between and two demo performances made together with and performed by the MA Students in Dance Performance. Sara Gurevitsch’s Tension demo is performed by Krista Arppo, Jenna Broas, Anni Koskinen and Lotta Suomi, and von Bagh’s demo Papers and Pens is performed by Jenna Broas, Karoliina Kauhanen, Anni Koskinen, Outi Markkula and Pinja Poropudas.

In addition to these, professor Kirsi Monni gave a lecture on “Material Discourses in Contemporary Performance”. Both the stage performances and the lecture were received with enthusiasm by the local contemporary performance scene.

Theatre Academy’s delegate also got to meet young local artists and see their work. This visit was the first of a kind, and it offers surely a fertile ground for developing collaboration between Theatre Academy and ZIL in the future.  

Photos: Nina Numminen

ZIL Center Lobby

Tension demo rehearsal

Auditorium for lectures