Photo: Kristine Matilainen

Luminizing works from students and alumni at Lux Helsinki

Helsinki city dwellers braved the cold weather to visit the light festival Lux Helsinki, organised at the city centre during January 5 through January 10.

Lux Helsinki is an annual light festival featuring light installations and events for both children and adults. It has been organised by the city of Helsinki since 2012 and has regularly featured works from students of the university. The popular festival drew a record-breaking audience this year.

The Helsinki Cathedral by the Senate Square was one of many locations for the festival’s light installations. The cathedral served as a backdrop to the installation Ilon kuvia (Images of joy), which explored joyous moods from various perspectives. The installation featured interpretations from University of the Arts Helsinki students Henna Jula (Academy of Fine Arts), Petri Tuhkanen (Theatre Academy) and Katja Tukiainen (Academy of Fine Arts), as well as alumni Heta Kuchka (Academy of Fine Arts) and Maiju Salmenkivi (Academy of Fine Arts). The installation was curated by Mia Kivinen and it was her artistic thesis project in the Praxis MA programme at the Academy of Fine Arts.

In addition, the festival featured the installation Maailma jossa elämme (The world in which we live) by student Immanuel Pax (Theatre Academy), which was specially commissioned by Lux Helsinki.

All artists involved in the cathedral installation Ilon kuvia (Images of joy): 
Stefan Bremer (photographer)
Eeva Hannula (photographer)
Henna Jula (painter)
Heta Kuchka (media artist)
Visa Norros (graphic artist) 
Maiju Salmenkivi (painter) 
Petri Tuhkanen (lighting designer)
Katja Tukiainen (painter and comic book artist)
Mia Kivinen (curator)