Photo: Veikko Kähkönen

Leena Rouhiainen appointed Professor of Artistic Research

Doctor of Arts (Dance) Leena Rouhiainen has been appointed Professor of Artistic Research for a five-year term at the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki (Uniarts Helsinki).

Rouhiainen held the same post also during the previous five-year term. She is also Vice Dean responsible for research at the Theatre Academy.

Leena Rouhianen, herself an alum of the Theatre Academy, has been active as a professional in contemporary dance since 1990. Together with her collaborative partners, she has been granted several awards for her artistic work in Finland. In addition to her artistic activities, Rouhiainen has diverse experience in research. Rouhiainen has worked as an Academy of Finland research fellow and postdoctoral researcher at the Theatre Academy, where she has also supervised the research of doctoral students and taught dance. Her doctoral thesis, published in 2003, studied the experience of a freelance dance artist from a phenomenological perspective. She has also been the director of several research projects. 

As Professor of Artistic Research, Rouhiainen steers and develops teaching and research in performing arts in collaboration with the staff of the Performing Arts Research Centre (Tutke), the other degree and master’s degree programmes of the Theatre Academy and the doctoral programmes and research units of Uniarts Helsinki.   

– The best part of being a professor is getting to follow the progress of doctoral students, supervising them and having discussions with them as they develop their artistic work and research vision. It’s been wonderful getting to witness the completion of so many dissertations.

Tutke has actively built and maintained its international networks through different kinds of events and conferences.

– It has felt great seeing Tutke receive international acclaim and noticing how valued the work of its doctoral students and researchers is.