Photo: Petri Summanen

Lecturer in Painting - Teaching Demonstrations


Teaching demonstrations of the lecturer in painting applicants will be held on Tuesday 29 November from 12.30 onwards at Luostarinen on the fifth floor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Elimäenkatu 25 A. The demonstrations will be in English on the topic of “The role of teaching painting in the 21st century”. The teaching demonstrations are open to public.


Erno Enkenberg                            12.30-13.00

Eemil Karila                                   13.40-14.10

break                                            14.40-15.00

Hannele Kumpulainen                   15.00-15.30

Harri Monni                                    16.10-16.40

Markus Rissanen                          17.20-17.50


The duration of the teaching demonstrations is 30 minutes, after which there is 10 minutes for audience questions and general discussions.

The teaching demonstrations will start exactly on the given times. Welcome!