Jazz students Hector Ramirez (guitar), Susanna Veldi (vocals) ja Adele Sauros (saxophone) played Antonia Carlos Jobim's Triste in the KoeKampus presentation day in November 2016

Play to your strengths in the jazz department auditions

The Sibelius Academy jazz alumni have landed in vary various job positions in the music industry. They work as producers, contemporary music composers, jazz musicians and behind movie music - among many other things. 

- Our jazz education offers the tools to work widely in many different positiions. Put in construction terms: we offer the plinth on which you can build a solid building that can stand about anything, said Jussi Kannaste, head of the Sibelius Academy jazz department in the annual KoeKampus event, organized for high school students interested in music studies.

In the jazz department auditions you should play to your own strengths, Kannaste says. 

- Whether it is rhythm, a particular music style or your vocal sound - use your strengths in the auditions. Don't think about the jury. Use what comes naturally to you and what you are good at. Think of the auditions as a jamming session 

On the video, together with Kannaste jazz students Adele Sauros, Susanna Veldi and Hector Ramirez speak about their audition experiences. Please find the English subtitles on the bottom right corner of the video window.