Sara Blossevilles work at the Invisible Forces exhibition.

Invisible Forces virtual exhibition at the Theatre Academy Library

The Invisible Forces virtual exhibition gets a permanent setting in the Theatre Academy library (Haapaniemenkatu 6), at Sörnäinen Campus. The exhibitiobn can be visited during the library opening hours

Invisible Forces is an exhibition in a space that does not yet exist. The works are set in a 3D-model of the new building at Sörnäinen Campus, due to be opened in 2021. The immersive exhibition can be visited through a VR headset and video documentation, and the audience will be able to have a look at the future of the new campus.

The artworks displayed are the result of an open call in spring 2019 and they are realized especially for the virtual reality experience. The artworks created by students and staff of the Academy of Fine Arts deal with concepts of visual art such as space and scale, reality and simulation, errors, glitches and various transformations between materials.


Artists included in the exhibition:

Susanna Autio, Sara Blosseville, Cezár Kaci, Jaana Kähkönen, Ilai Elias Lehto, Suzanne Mooney and Nils Östbrant


Project coordination and curatorship:

Marko Backman, Tuomo Rainio, Mireia C. Saladrigues and Aleksi Salminen


Technical production:

Marko Backman, Roberto Pugliese and Tuomo Rainio


3D models:

Marko Backman and JKMM


Special thanks:

Annet Dekker, Jaana Okulov and Marko Vuokola