International website launched to boost improvisation teaching

As a result of the three-year international project Modernizing European Higher Music Education through improvisation (METRIC), a new website has been launched to inspire and help teaching improvisation in higher level music institutions. The website at includes

- a manual for teaching and learning Improvisation in European Conservatoires, designed as an online resource for intitutions, teachers and students to improve the quality of their curricula, tuition and individual competences related to improvised music.

- the presentation of Joint European Modules, designed to share and develop the knowledge, traditions and experiences of the participating institutions by encouraging teachers and students to engage in educational mobility and cross-border cooperation. Topics addressed in the three international teaching modules are International Collaboration in Contemporary Improvisation, From Score to Creation and The Improvising Classical Ensemble

- a framework for reliable, objective and creative assessment criteria for improvisation

Within the METRIC project, teachers and students from eleven European high-class music institutions, active in the field of improvisation, were engaged in producing a wide range of articles, videos, essays, research and current improvisation-related events. Now all this work is available on the new website. Six students and two teachers from the Sibelius Academy have participated in the project. General manager of the Sibelius Academy NYKY Ensemble Libero Mureddu and music education lecturer Max Tabell were very inspired by the project.

- It has been extremely interesting to be in contact, discuss, and eventually finding an agreement with people that deal with improvisation but with very different backgrounds. This experience has given me a very useful overview of improvisation teaching all over Europe and it also motivated me in planning a series of improvisation-related courses that hopefully will begin at the Sibelius Academy during the next years. It has also been a useful networking experience, says Mureddu.

- For me the project has been very inspirational. I’ve been teaching inprovisation courses for classical musicians for several years and this project has given me many new tools. Of course getting to know other people dealing with improvisation is an important outcome. I hope this project will contribute to enhancing the appreciation of improvisation as an important form of art at Sibelius Academy, Tabell describes.

‘Modernizing European Higher Music Education through Improvisation – METRIC’ (2015-2018) is an international cooperative project between 11 high-level European conservatoires and the AEC. It focuses on curriculum development and intensive cooperation in the field of improvisation in higher music education. The topics covered in the project include all areas and contexts of improvised music, from stylistic, tonal and modal, through to free improvisation.

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