Hollo Symposium on Arts Education

How can arts education work as an opportunity to alternative prospects to the future? The Hollo symposium is an opportunity to share and collaborate within a broad theme that highlights the future directions of arts education. The event emphasizes collaboration across disciplinary, institutional and professional borders, across methodologies and art forms. It brings together practitioners and researchers from various fields at the University of the Arts Helsinki, Theatre Academy October 12–13, 2017.

The symposium will open up the theme with for example the following questions: How do participation, belonging and togetherness produce new cultural and social activism? How and on what conditions can arts education cherish democracy, social justice, culture and sustainable lifestyle? Could arts education take a stronger role in awakening discussion on the wicked problems in society right now and in the future? Could it produce creative solutions, as well?

Other themes in the symposium are pedagogy between the arts, new contexts in arts pedagogy, cross-sectoral cooperation, new extending professional roles, and multiple forms and tasks of performance and performing arts. The symposium will be set in motion by two invited presenters: Professor of Art Education Charles Garoian (Penn State University, USA) and Associate Professor in Theatre and Performance Studies  Sruti Bala (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands).

The languages of the symposium are English and Finnish.


Organizers: Hollo Institute, University of the Arts Helsinki
ArtsEqual, The Arts as Public Service: Strategic Steps towards Equality. Hollo Symposium is supported by the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies.


Note: Uniarts Helsinki staff members & Uniarts Helsinki students:
If your department/employer will cover your registration, please contact us at   before registering – You will get an internal Uniarts registration link. Thank you for your collaboration!


Charles Garoian

Charles Garoian is professor of art education at Penn State University. He has performed, lectured, and conducted workshops at festivals, galleries, museums, and university campuses in the United States and internationally. Based on the critical strategies of performance art, his teaching focuses on exploratory, experimental, and improvisational art making processes in visual art studio and art education courses. In addition to his scholarly articles featured in leading journals on art and education, Garoian is the author of Performing Pedagogy: Toward an Art of Politics (1999); co-author of Spectacle Pedagogy: Art, Politics, and Visual Culture (2008); and The Prosthetic Pedagogy of Art: Embodied Research and Practice (2013); all three volumes published by The State University of New York Press.

Sruti Bala

Sruti Bala is Associate Professor in Theatre and Performance Studies  at the University of Amsterdam. She teaches courses in the BA and MA programmes focusing on theatre and performance theories, art and activism, translation in performance and participatory art and has a longstanding interest in performance pedagogy. Recent publications include: International Performance Research Pedagogies: Towards an Unconditional Discipline (co-ed. with Milija Gluhovic, Hanna Korsberg, Kati Röttger; Palgrave Macmillan, 2017); The Global Trajectories of Queerness: Re-Thinking Same-Sex Politics in the Global South (co-ed. with Ashley Tellis, Brill/Rodopi 2015); ‘Humorous Approaches to Art and Activism in Conflict’ (special issue of European Journal of Humour Research co-ed. with Veronika Zangl, 2015) and The Gestures of Participatory Art (forthcoming Manchester University Press, 2018). 


Hollo Institute is a network of university departments and researchers that focus on arts education. Hollo Institute aims at advancing pedagogical research in the arts and strenghtening the role of arts education in the Finnish society. The institute organizes a national seminar every spring and an international research symposium annually, every fall. www.hollo-instituutti.fi

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ArtsEqual, The Arts as Public Service: Strategic Steps towards Equality is a multidisciplinary research project (2015–2020) coordinated by the University of the Arts Helsinki, one of the largest researches of art and art education in Finnish history. Its central idea is: “Art doesn't have to be a privilege for the few. What if arts were understood as public service, accessible to anyone?.” www.artsequal.fi