Heikki Lehtonen to chair the Uniarts Helsinki Board

The Board of the University of the Arts Helsinki (Uniarts Helsinki) appointed Heikki Lehtonen, M.Sc. (Techn.), as its chair on 16 January. Lehtonen is a board professional and executive, who has years of experience as the CEO of an exchange-listed company and as a member in the boards of exchange-listed companies, private businesses and foundations. Among his other positions, Lehtonen is currently the CEO of Högfors-Trading and a member of the board of Otava Group. 

Astrid Thors, who holds the title of Master of Laws with court training, was appointed as the vice chair of the Board. The four-year term of the Uniarts Helsinki Board began on 1 January 2018.

According to Lehtonen, Uniarts Helsinki is making the role of art stronger in the Finnish university sector.

‘Uniarts Helsinki offers a great deal of opportunities and expertise of the highest level. It is a unique operator in the art and culture sector, and it has an influence on the success of the Helsinki metropolitan area and the entire Finland. It’s wonderful to get a chance to contribute in all of this.’

‘The Uniarts Helsinki Board wishes to engage in open dialogue with the whole university community and continue building a stronger shared identity for Uniarts Helsinki.

Some of the major decisions coming up in the future concern the development of Uniarts Helsinki’s two campuses in Töölö and Sörnäinen and preparations for the new strategy period from 2021 to 2025.

The Uniarts Helsinki Board has a total of 11 members, five of which are external members: In addition to Heikki Lehtonen and Astrid Thors, the members include researcher of economic culture Paavo Järvensivu, professor Marja Makarow, and director of the Cultural Office of the City of Helsinki Stuba Nikula. Internal board members at Uniarts Helsinki include professors Eeva Anttila and Petteri Salomaa, facilities expert Kari Karlsson, senior advisor Hannu Tolvanen, and students Lukas Korpelainen and Sofia Raittinen.

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