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Grammy-awarded vocal ensemble Theatre of Voices visiting the Sibelius Summer Academy

One of the world’s foremost vocal ensembles, Grammy-awarded Theatre of Voices will visit the Sibelius Academy, Uniarts Helsinki in August 2019. The ensemble will teach from 19th until 24th August 2019 as a part of the new Sibelius Summer Academy.

Paul Hillier, founder of Theatre of Voices, and singers Else Torp (soprano), Signe Asmussen (mezzo-soprano), Paul Bentley-Angell (tenor) and Jakob Bloch Jespersen (bass baritone) will teach about 40 singers from Finland and around the world. The course will be attended by established vocal ensembles as well as individual singers who will be combined into vocal ensembles during the course. The results of the course will be offered to the audience in the concluding concert in the Helsinki Music Centre on August 24th.

Paul Hillier founded the Theatre of Voices in 1990 in the UK. It now has a permanent base in Copenhagen, Denmark. The ensemble has worked with several of the leading composers of our time, and it represents the sharpest spearhead of the vocal ensembles of today. It is known for its extensive contemporary music program, which includes several of the most prominent composers of recent times, including Saariaho, Goebbels, Berio, Pärt, Reich, Cage, Gudmundsen-Holmgreen and Stockhausen. On the other hand, the ensemble is equally proficient in early music. In addition to contemporary music, the Theatre of Voices interprets the works of early composers such as Perotin, Dowland and Buxtehude. The course offers its participants a great opportunity to work on a very wide range of repertoire.

- Singing education tends to focus almost entirely on solo singing, yet much of the Western vocal repertoire (and indeed most of the art music repertoire before 1600) is for ensembles, and in practice many singers will go on to work in professional choirs and other vocal ensembles. I am pleased that this course will provide an opportunity for the students to realise their individual skills in a chamber music context, with all the additional challenges and artistic responsibilities that it brings, says Nils Schweckendiek, professor of choir conducting at the Sibelius Academy, Uniarts Helsinki.

The Theatre of Voices will highlight its visit with a concluding concert on August 24th at the Helsinki Music Center. In this concert, both the singers of the Theatre of Voices and participants of the Sibelius Summer Academy course will take the stage.

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The Sibelius Summer Academy is the international summer school of Uniarts Helsinki’s Sibelius Academy offering courses taught by nationally and internationally acclaimed artists and teachers. Courses are open both to the Academy’s students and to outside applicants. The Sibelius Summer Academy will offer its first classes in summer 2019.