Global music students produced documentaries on cultural diversity and music

In the 2017 – 2018 academic year, Sibelius Academy Global Music students took part in a new course co-ordinated and taught by Dr. Alexis Kallio and Danielle Treacy on Cultural Diversity and Music Research. Students engaged with a number of academic texts and enjoyed discussions with a number of visiting lecturers. The group was challenged by concepts addressed in recent research publications and projects, such as the Other, multi/inter/transculturalism, diversity, race, gender, privilege, ethics, exoticism and collaboration, as they related the work of others to their own musical practice.

The course culminated in five student documentary film productions which were premiered through a public screening on the 18 April 2018. Guided by research questions that had been carefully crafted during the course, students investigated a variety of topics at the intersection of cultural diversity and music. The films include:

  • Trip to Central Asia by Repkat Paerhat
  • We are Together by Chrysa Panagiotopoulou and Leevi Lehikoinen
  • You Should Smile More by Emmi Uimonen
  • Left behind by Ahoora Hosseini
  • The Art of Two by Hildá Länsman and Viivi Saarenkylä

These five films illustrate the curiosity and complexity with which each of these researchers approached their topics, offering insights into the ways in which encounters with difference enrich but also complicate music-making in a globalizing, diverse world.


The Art of Two

Hildá Länsman and Viivi Saarenkylä

We are Together 

Chrysa Panagiotopoulou and Leevi Lehikoinen 


You Should Smile More

Emmi Uimonen

Left behind

Ahoora Hosseini

Trip to Central Asia

Repkat Paerhat

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