A field trip beyond the surface

“It’s a completely different thing to see pictures of artworks than to actually travel to see them, meeting curators and other people in the art business. We got to go a lot deeper than the surface.” This is how Ingrid Orman, who is studying to become an art curator on the Praxis programme, described a spring-time field trip to Athens. She took part to acquaint herself with the Kassel Documenta 14 satellite exhibition.

The trip was part of a course on Athens, run by the head of the master’s programme Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger and Nikos Doulos, who is from Athens. According to Orman, who works as a producer for Espoo City Art Museum EMMA, studying in the Praxis programme has meant a great deal for her professional development. “The quality of teaching is really good.”

The text has originally been published as part of Uniarts Helsinki’s annual report. Read more stories here or browse the pdf version of the annual report.