Photo: Wilma Hurskainen

Ezgi Göktürk: Recieving and learning support

Turkish-born piano student Ezgi Göktürk takes advantage the 24 hours possibility to practise and meeting new colleagues around the world.

"We have a lot of music courses, naturally, but in addition to that we can take all kinds of other courses; I have for example taken a course in African dances which opened my eyes and even altered my personality. It changed my vision and also affects my playing and my personality – that is very nice.
There are many performance possibilities available to the students. The Sibelius Acaemyorganizes orchestra soloist auditions for its students and there are also plenty of concert opportunities available in frequent class concerts, matinées and so on. It is really good that the school is open to us 24 hours so that we can practise when we need – even more than I want.
The teachers are very organized, helpful and friendly. Even in the entrance exam the jury was very nice and made me relax, too, even though I was very nervous at first. There are a lot of international students here and you can meet a lot of people from many different countries. I think that it is valuable for our future networking.
The Finns overall I’ve found to be very helpful. Everybody at the Academy is very friendly and supporting eachother, and I’d say that the students here are not so competitive as they might be elsewhere in other music universities. Although it is good to be a little bit competive, I myself have also learned how to support my fellow students.
All the courses are in English and everybody speaks English, but I strongly recommend you also to learn some Finnish – also in order to get to know the Finnish culture. That also increases your opportunities to find work here."

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