Photo: Kimmo Karjunen

Exist - five performances, collaboration of six programmes 21.-27.11.

Exist, an evening comprised of five performances, is the outcome of the Theatre Academy’s and Aalto Arts’ study module titled “Dance as a Total Work of Art”. The participating students represent degree programmes in choreography, dance, light and sound design, scenography and costume design. Aiming at a collaborative process in which all the different fields interact creatively with each other, the students exercise their ability to perceive the relationship between their own personal artistic medium and the thematic starting points and practical realization of a performance. The collaborative starting point, collective design methods and the limited rehearsal- and performance running time (25 min/performance) have challenged the students to work creatively in a responsible and intensive manner.

Keep on eye on the future participation of the Theatre Academy and Aalto Arts in an EU-funded programme on “Contemporary Approaches to Ancient Drama” with the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation in Athens in June 2015, provided a possibility to research and comment on the mythology and drama of the antique Greece; this option was offered to the students of this project as a starting point to the process. Some working groups have taken that route, other have found different framings. The role of the supervising teachers has been to discuss how the means and the artistic intentions are being sharpened and framed in various phases of the process and how each element’s own articulation is in essential interaction with others.

The performing period of these student works is short but important part of the process; only during the performances do the students get to study various experiences and meanings the works bring fourth in interaction with the audience. The joint evening with five performances poses also challenges for the students in terms of production and practical issues in the form of set ups and strikes. For the audiences the evening offers five versatile experiences in two exceedingly different performing spaces.