Photo: Tissue Culture & Art Project
Dr. Ionat Zurr.

Ecologies in the Laboratory workshop with Ionat Zurr

Pioneering artist in art and biology, academic and researcher Dr. Ionat Zurr, will give a five-day workshop (31.10 – 3.11.) for students from MA in Ecology and Contemporary Performance and Aalto University’s Visual Culture and Contemporary Art (ViCCA).

This is a practical workshop in the LUMA and Biofilia Laboratories at Aalto University where we will approach the laboratory as an eco-system in which materials, technologies and protocols are in dynamic relations to one another. We will move between practical sessions, readings and discussions to enable a dynamic and productive connections between theory and practice.

We will learn to use tools and techniques of the life sciences with which to approach the lab as a site for field work. We will ask what are the origins of the materials we will work and where do they go when we are finished with them? What trajectories can we follow that originate from our activities that impact on more remote eco-systems?

Conceived by MAECP programme leader Kira O’Reilly who will also contribute to the workshop, this is a collaboration between University of the Arts and Aalto University. This is a hugely exciting opportunity for our new MAECP programme, giving us an opportunity to work with materials and processes of the life sciences guided by both artists and scientists, within Biofilia, a unique laboratory environment dedicated to the biological arts.

MAECP lecturer, researcher and artist Tuija Kokkonen and Helsinki based artist researchers Bartaku/Bart Vandaput and Christina Stadlbauer will visit the workshop. Biofilia laboratory manager and scientist Marike Hellman will be providing us with support throughout.

With thanks to Pia Lindman and Aalto University for making this possible.



Ionat Zurr


Christina Stadlbauer

Tuija Kokkonen

Pia Lindman