DiViDe focuses on digital visual design in performance and more

The new Digital Visual Design - Advanced Intermediality in Performance (DiViDe) study module starts on 9th February in the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki. DiViDe focuses on digital visual design in performance by examining the theory, methodology and practise of the field.

“The significance of digital visual design extends further than performances; it is part of our current and future culture”, says Professor in Lighting Design, Tomi Humalisto. He is also one of the heads of the DiViDe study module.

The first introduction course includes open lectures and discussions.

“Students of lighting design are taught the relations between art and different media, but in the DiViDe study unit, master’s degree courses are arranged into a coherent study path. Skills are more easily honed in a cumulative order, but at the same time our desire is to make it easier for international exchange students to participate. The scope of the study unit, 25 credits, has been measured so as to correspond to the requirements placed on scope by exchange programmes such as Erasmus”, adds Humalisto.

The approach of DiViDe courses ranges from the theoretical to the practical.  The course Introduction to Intermedial Design ponders the concepts of media and mediality from different perspectives. Visiting lecturers such as Terike Haapoja and Dominik Schlienger will, through presentations of their own artistic activity, expand the theme of transference to areas of interspecies excange and sound art. The new, long awaited course Performing with visual media trains students in using video on stage. The course allows e.g. students of lighting design, directing and acting to learn about different possibilities of expression through video recordings and real-time video streaming under the guidance of film director Esa Illi and lecturer in lighting design Kimmo Karjunen.

DiViDe is a joint study module organized by Degree Programme in Lighting Design, Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki and Degree Programme in Design for Theatre, Film and Television of School of Arts, Design & Architecture, Aalto University.

Additional information: http://www.uniarts.fi/divide