Daniel Bolado: Lots of space and time for yourself in Finland

Spanish percussion student Daniel Bolado applied to the Sibelius Academy for an Erasmus exchange from his music studies in Salamanca, Spain. He had heard good things about the university from his friends.

Having good experiences he decided to continue his studies in Finland and applied for the Master's studies at the Sibelius Academy. At the moment Bolado is preparing for his final recital for his Master's degree. He has been very happy with his choise and being part of the twelve-or-so percussion class. Compared to his previous studies, studying at the Sibelius Academy has been flexible. Both chamber music and orchestra are well presented in the studies. Bolado also complements on the atmosphere in the percussion class.

- Being a musician, you’ll never be completely ready and you always have to keep practicing, but here I’ve got quite a lot of valuable experience. Finland is a very unpopulated country, so while here you will have a lot of time and space for yourself. I find that really nice. And it is not so cold as it looks like – its bearable, even amazing when the snow comes, he says with a smile.

Bolado advises any possible applicants to practice prima vista playing and basically just play the best they can. You also have to be prepared to take on the audition pieces in a short period of time – some of the pieces required in the auditions might be send to you only weeks before the audition.

- Be open minded in the interview, they will ask your willingness to participate in various events and different projects that are always going on here.

On the video, Bolado is playing the marimba performing Johann Sebastian Bach's Sonata 1 for violin in G minor and also telling about his typical study day and about his experiences in Finland.