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Dance company TADaC investigates expressions of corporal existence in new piece

Master’s degree students of dance performance at Theatre Academy of Uniarts Helsinki form their own dance company, TADaC, in the final year of study. The dance company’s 2019 performance ’Their LimbsTheir LungsTheir Legs’ premieres in Helsinki on Friday 18 January. In addition to the students, the working group includes several well-known visiting artists. 

In a gloomy space with a fantastic variety of green colors, nine performers explore and reconsider modes of bodily existence. A biotope where the boundaries of limbs, lungs and legs blur in complete symbiosis with the organism they inhabit.  

TADaC, in other words the Theatre Academy Dance Company, offers graduating MA students of dance performance the chance to work with a professional choreographer and to perform the finished piece on tour. The aim is to guide emerging dance artists into their chosen profession while giving them the experience of performing in different spaces and cultural environments. 

This year, TADaC’s choreographer is Swiss artist Lea Moro, a rising star in Central Europe. Her ensemble piece (b)reaching stillness could be seen at Helsinki festival Moving in November in 2016. Our budding master’s degree graduates were impressed with Moro’s work and asked to have her choreograph their piece. 

“We were interested in working with an international choreographer. We liked the fact that Lea is a young, female choreographer with a strong body of work that has a sense of humour. The chance to work with someone coming from outside of the Finnish dance field also felt exciting,” the students say.

Lea Moro tells that this is the biggest group of dancers on stage that she has ever worked with. It is also the first time that she is not herself performing in her own work.

“This has been an amazing experience. It is always a nice challenge to create an artistic process with or for a group of people that you do not know. We all worked together for the first time; still, we managed to create a performance that is an universe of its own, a green cosmos of different ways of being and becoming. Their amplifies the fact of who. Limbs, Lungs and Legs mark a constant being, moving, breathing and existing. Light, sound, scenography and choreography are one: they exist together and for each other.”

TADaC’s dancers are MA students in dance performance Matilda Aaltonen, Taru Aho, Anni Kaila, Ella Koikkalainen, Riikka Laurilehto, Janna Loukas, Aino Purhonen, Ilona Salonen jaJussi Suomalainen. Aside from constituting the thesis project of the abovementioned dancers, the piece also comprises the thesis project of MA student in Sound Design Joonas Pernilä. The dramaturgy is the work of MA student in Dramaturgy Per Ehrnström

Artist Corinna Helenelund (guest) is the costume designer and scenographer, and the lighting designer is Jani-Matti Salo (guest). 

Performance and tour information:

When: Friday 18 January at 7 PM
Where: The Theatre Hall, The Theatre Academy of Uniarts Helsinki
(Haapaniemenkatu 6, Helsinki)
Tickets: 7-17 euros
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More performances are given during the time period 22 January - 2 February in the Theatre Hall at the Theatre Academy of Uniarts Helsinki (Haapaniemenkatu 6, Helsinki).
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Confirmed locations for the spring of 2019 are the Viljandi Culture Academy (23.4.), Kanuti Gildi Saal in Tallinn (25.4.) and Théâtre Arsenic in Lausanne (8-10.6.), which the company visits as guests of La Manufacture – Haute Ecole des arts de la scEne.

Information about our visiting artists:

Lea Moro graduated from The Inter-University Centre for Dance in Berlin in 2014 (BA Dance, Context, Choreography). Her ensemble piece „(b)reaching stillness“(2015) received wide acclaim around Europe and was performed e.g. at the 2016 Liikkeellä marraskuussafestival in Helsinki. Moro has been awarded several grants and awards in the fields of dance and choreography. She lives and works in Berlin and Zurich.

Corinna Helenelund is a Finnish artist working with sculpture, installations and scenography. She graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts of Uniarts Helsinki in 2013. Her works have been displayed e.g. in Germany at the Kunstverein Göttingen, in Sweden at the Norrköping Art Museum, at Estonia’s Museum of Modern Art, The Community in Paris and the Sinne Gallery in Helsinki. Helenelund lives and works in Porvoo and Berlin.

Jani-Matti Salo works with installations and with spatial and lighting design.

Additional information:

Nina Numminen, Head of Production Services, Theatre Academy of Uniarts Helsinki, Tel +358 40 079 2027

Emilia Koivunen, Head of Communication, Theatre Academy of Uniarts Helsinki, Tel +358 46 921 5364