Photo: Sanni Siira
Photo from alumni Sebastian Lopéz-Lehto's thesis work Valtamerellinen (2017), in the photo: Sebastian and Una Auri

Coming up next fall: 3 thesis performances on choreography

Three thesis projects of choreography MA students will premier through the next autumn. At this time they are pre planning the productions and getting ready for the rehearsal periods with the working groups. Below you you can take a peak to the thematics that each student is working with!
Details on performance dates, tickets etc. will be updated to Uniarts events and MA programme's homepage and Facebook-page at the beginning of August.


Pietari Kärki:
In their artistic thesis Urban Anatomies Teleport (working title) the artistic team and choreography student Pietari Kärki are developing city walk practices. The language of the project aims to articulate built environments in anatomical terms and to ponder -via doing- on one's agency as an organ in an urban capitalist body.

Karoliina Loimaala:
Purpling's starting point is a sensation of submersion into a landscape, the moment when multiple sences and the space merge together. The idea is to create a syneasthetic platform for complex sensing experience. What kind of subjects are the ones within synesthetic world of sensation?

Tero Hytönen:
In my thesis I study the question of perception from three different perspectives: formation of an percecption as an experience, theoretical viewpoint and the performativity of perception. I will als examine how to use perception as a leading question in compositional work.

Marika Peura's thesis piece will premier in the beginnign of 2020.

Please note that changes to the premier dates are still possible.