Photo: Vincent Roumagnac
#CHARP rehearsal

Choreography takes over the Research Pavilion

The last week of June, 2017 at the University of the Arts’ Research Pavilion in Venice is dedicated to choreography. During the week the Camino Events program includes seminars, workshops and performances exploring the world through bodily experience and the possibilities of choreographic thinking.

CHOREOGRAPHIC June 27−28 is a two-day research event consisting of talks, discussions, workshops and performances organized by Valand Academy in collaboration with GradCAM, Dublin and the Department of Art, Goldsmiths. The event aims to test, interrogate and animate the valence of choreographic registers for artistic and cultural work within contemporary socialities. If we understand the choreographic beyond its normative association with dance as a set of language possibilities, procedural matrices and production protocols, how are its competencies to be understood in a post-skill environment?

Seeing with workshop June 29 by Theatre Academy Helsinki’s Doctoral Candidate Jana Unmüßig invites distance as a productive agent for encounter. It is a practice of kindness, not intruding into the place of a thing, person, wind. In the workshop, participants do seeing with things from everyday life while focusing on the experience of time and practicing remaining with a somatic body that they tune into through somatic bodywork at the beginning of the workshop.

Artistic Doctorates in Europe (ADiE) will host June 29 a seminar on Embodied Practices and Artistic Research: Debating Artistic Doctorates in Dance and Performance. The aim of the seminar is to explore the impact current European artistic doctoral education has on embodied movement practice. The discussion involving doctoral candidates and graduates from Finland, Great Britain and Sweden pivot around the inclusive and exclusive or substantiating and refuting impact artistic doctoral education has on art-making within dance and performance.

Becoming disabled June 30 by Liisa Jaakonaho and Kristina Junttila is a performative workshop and installation that addresses questions around the theme of disability and access, seeing disability as a category that can be explored creatively, rather than as a biological ‘fact’. The participants are offered an opportunity to reflect on one’s own (potential) disability through simple and accessible exercises that leave traces to the space. The workshop explores how disability might suggest different affective and relational experiences in relation to oneself, others and the environment, and how it could inform and inspire artistic practices and research.

#CHARP is the second artistic part of Theatre Academy Helsinki’s Doctoral Candidate Simon Kellokumpu’s doctoral research. It is a choreographic piece forming with planetary and intergalactic movements. The work exposes Kellokumpu’s choreographic hyper-reading practice, its embodiment, and choreographic materialization with three performers. How to take place in, and with the movements, which extend beyond telescopic vision? How to embody hyper-reading of the planetary movements that set the conditions for the choreographic (hypertext) to emerge? What happens to the movement when it is mediated to choreography?


The Research Pavilion constitutes a high level critical platform that produces a significant addition to the 57th Venice Biennale by showcasing how universities and academies function today as experimental laboratories within contemporary art.

The Research Pavilion will host three international art exhibitions between May and October, and also feature a parallel cross-artistic program called Camino Events that will include nearly 50 workshops, artistic interventions, screenings, discussions on artistic research and research within the arts and performances.

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