Photo: Veikko Kähkönen / Uniarts Helsinki

The beta version of the new is now live

The first version, the so-called beta version of Uniarts Helsinki’s new website has now been released.

The website is live at, and it includes the introduction pages of each degree programme, application instructions and admissions criteria, as well as related pages, such as pages on tuition fees and accepting an offer of admission. 

Most of the content is still available on the old site, which you can visit at The content from the old site will be released on the new website in the upcoming months and in early 2020. When all the necessary pages are up and running on the new site, the old site will be closed down, which scheduled for the end of January by the latest. 

What is the beta version?

The beta version is the first version of the website that users are encouraged to test out and give feedback on. During the beta phase, we will continuously add more content to the site based on user data and surveys.

How long will the beta phase last?

The beta version will be up until the end of January, until we have brought all the necessary content to the new site. After this, the address will be changed to, and the old website will be closed down permanently.

Can I still use the old website?

Yes, you can. You can access the old site by clicking the link on the banner located at the top of the page or directly via the address

Feedback on the new website

Help us make the new site even better by sending us your feedback and improvement suggestions! You can send us your comments by using the feedback form that is available on the new website.