Artist's Talk by Adriene Jenik: The desert is my teacher

ARTIST'S TALK by Adriene Jenik:

The desert is my teacher: new works from arid land

After spending 30+ years developing computer and media artwork, several years ago I began to gestate a new practice centered in and on the desert. I'll present several of these evolving pieces, including projects in data humanization and extreme experiential learning.

Adriene Jenik reads your climate future with her ECOtarot deck

24th April 11.00 – 14.00, at Tori

Reading “Climate Futures” with the ECOTarot Deck
Public Performances, ongoing, 2017 - present


May we all awaken to the understanding that we walk the same earth, breath the same air, drink from the same finite water source and affect each other’s spirit.

In this ongoing performance, I use my Eco-Tarot deck to read an individual’s “Climate Future.”

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Adriene Jenik is an artist, educator and arts leader who resides in the southwestern US desert, dividing her time between Joshua Tree, CA and Phoenix, AZ. Jenik's artistic projects straddle and trouble the borders between art and popular culture and have been written about in The New York Times, published in The Drama Review, and recognized by the Rockefeller Foundation. Her computer and media art spans 3 decades, including pioneering work in interactive cinema and live telematic performance.  Jenik is currently developing a number of experimental performance projects, including her “Data Humanization” series, while she serves as professor of intermedia at the Herberger Institute School of Art at ASU.