Photo: Veikko Kähkönen / Uniarts Helsinki

Application period to Praxis Master's programme prolonged until 22 Oct 2018

Application period to the Praxis Master’s Programme has been continued. Application form is open 8th Oct 2018–22 Oct 2018 at 3 pm. 

The goal of the Praxis Master’s Programme (120 cr) is to understand the world of arts and its underlying forces and development of one’s own thinking on the exhibition and mediation of art and the society. The Praxis programme students are educated together with the art students. Praxis trains art professionals whose work and ideas reflect how the roles of a mediator of art, curator and artist are combined through the public exhibition of art. The goal of the studies is to train professionals to take on the many responsibilities in the field of art; experts who are able to use their skills and knowledge in critical, innovative ways.

The Praxis Master’s Programme (120cr) is intended for visual artists and students/undergraduates specialized in art theory and cultural studies, whose interests lie in the theories, presentation methods and curating of contemporary art. The students who complete the programme will graduate with a Master of Fine Arts degree. 

See the Admission Guide and link to the Application Form here.

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