View of the first Research Pavilion, "Experimentality"

After the exposition: GradCAM’s first generation of doctoral graduates

Discussion: 28 June 2015, 1pm

Research Pavilion of the University of the Arts Helsinki
Sala del Camino, Campo S. Cosmo (Vaporetto stop Palanca)
Giudecca, 621 Venice


With the announcement of a new cohort of doctoral researchers funded through the Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media in Ireland, it is timely to consider the experience and practice of the first generation of researchers to complete their research projects wand what happens after the PhD. Georgina Jackson, Conor McCarrigle and Dave Loder speak with the current and the former Deans, Noel Fitzpatrick and Mick Wilson respectively, about their experience and the impact of doctoral research on their subsequent practices as artist, curator and critic. Given the much debated question of the role of doctoral education in contemporary art, this informal discussion tries to open up the question from the perspective of the first wave of graduates from one of the many experimental platforms that emerged in Europe during the 2000s.