Academy of Fine Arts is looking for new works for the Academy’s publications series

In fall 2018, the Library and Publications Committee of the Academy of Fine Arts at the University of the Arts Helsinki is looking for new works for the Academy’s publications series. One can apply for financial support for books that will be published during the year 2019, or submit new openings and ideas for works that will be finalized in the year 2020.The applications should be submitted by Monday October 29, 2018 via e-mail as a pdf to Michaela Bränn, secretary of the Committee, at .
The Academy of Fine Arts publishes literature in its teaching and research fields. The Academy does not publish for profit. The number of works published annually is 1 to 3. Proposals of peer reviewed publications, translations (to Finnish) of artist´s texts or other texts with wider public interest are for example also welcome. The Publications Committee does not publish monographs displaying the work of an artist, exhibition catalogues or thesis works. The Academy of Fine Arts publications are mainly published in its two publications series. The Committee does not fund writers or translators’ fees. If needed, peer evaluation will be used to decide which manuscripts to publish. The publications are published in print and electronically as Open Access publications in the University’s HELDA publications archive. 
The Publications Committee decides on the grants in its meeting November 8. After the meeting, the applicants will receive information on the Committee’s decision. For more information, please contact Secretary Michaela Bränn, tel. 040 631 3553.
Series of publications by the Academy of Fine Arts: 
Writings from the Academy of Fine Arts
Art Theoretical Writings from the Academy of Fine Arts
Publications of the Academy of Fine Arts can be purchased from the Unigrafia online store The latest publications of the Academy of Fine Arts are also on sale at the Academy of Fine Arts Library (Elimäenkatu 25 A, Helsinki) during library opening hours.

APPLYING – publication proposal

The application must state the following points:

A brief description of the work
(Working) title, content, breadth. Information about the writer/writers or editor.
Sample text
A full chapter or other section broad enough for review, or a table of content. If the work is a translation, please include a minimum of 10 pages of translated text. 
Target audience of the work
Whom is the book aimed at? Where are the potential readers and buyers? How does this book stand out from other books with the same subject matter?
Other material subject to copyright law
Does the work include material produced by outside authors? If the project involves translations of texts, please include an account of the copyright to the texts. 
Planned schedule
Please include a schedule for the project: when will the manuscript be written, edited, when will the manuscript be ready for review, when will the manuscript be ready for layout, estimated date of publication?
Illustration and artwork
Use of pictures and artwork: preliminary illustration plan (quantity etc.) and a report of copyrights.
Financial plan / Other sponsors or publishers
Has the writer or team applied for or received any other funding? Are any other parties involved in the funding of the publication?
Estimated costs
Estimated budget for the project, including a breakdown of the costs (illustration costs, proofreading, estimate of graphic design costs, and printing costs etc.). The Publications Committee will oversee invitations for bids concerning printing and graphics, if the project is funded.
Resource allocation
Which areas of the work are carried out by employees of the Academy of Fine Arts? Which areas require outside service? Who will be the publishing editor / liaison / proof reader etc.?