Kimmi Kim, The Flat World, 2019.

Academy of Fine Arts galleries showcase art by young artists also during the summer

The first exhibition will open in mid-June, and there will be plenty of art by young artists on display at the Academy of Fine Arts galleries throughout the summer.

During the summer, the Project Room will host exhibitions featuring four artists who took part also in the MFA Degree Show Kuvan Kevät in May. In August, the gallery will host the Paulo Foundation’s invitational exhibition, just like in previous years. 

As for the Exhibition Laboratory, the gallery will hold two group exhibitions this summer featuring both Finnish and international artists. The exhibitions reflect on art making, and during the summer, there will also be in-depth commentaries on the state of sculpture in the intersection of tradition and the future.

Apart from a few breaks, the Project Room will be open throughout the summer, while the Exhibition Laboratory will be closed in early summer and open again in late July. As always, admission to the Academy of Fine Arts exhibitions and events is free of charge. 

Paintings by young artists                                                         

The first exhibition at the Project Room, open from 14 to 30 June, will display works by young artists whose work has drawn inspiration from living in and moving between different cultures. The symbolic images painted by South Korea-born Kimmi Kim refer to fate and karma. Her exhibition Ill Will is about the human desire to reach a better place in the world, be it a physical place or a mental state. Our desires and wishes take us forward, but do they always lead us where they should, the artist asks. 

Kim will share the gallery with Kastehelmi Kollmann, whose works have been influenced by her time spent in Taiwan. The exhibition Quiet Electric Taipei presents paintings with geometric interiors, filled with memories. The exhibition is open on Midsummer Eve on 21 June, from 11:00 to 15:00, but on Saturday, 22 June, the exhibition will be closed.

From 5 to 28 July, the Project Room will display paintings by Niklas Ingelius and Johannes Heikkilä. Niklas Ingelius’ paintings centre on repetition and a slow and arduous process. In his paintings, there are several layers of paint that result in not exactly pictures, but different structures that may or may not form pictures. 

Johannes Heikkilä works with printmaking, drawing and painting. Thematically, Heikkilä’s works revolve around architecture and built spaces. The spaces are images of people, traces of existence and signs of the past, and the structures can be seen as reflections of one’s inner world. 

International guests at the Exhibition Laboratory  

Things quiet down at the Exhibition Laboratory in early summer, but there will be plenty of art to enjoy in late July. The exhibition titled Set the Borders on Fire! will feature paintings, sculptures, and installation and video art by young Finnish and international artists from the Academy of Fine Arts and from the Slade School of Fine Art, a prominent London-based institution in fine art, from 24 July to 4 August. 

The overarching theme that curators Venla Ekebom (Academy of Fine Arts) and Kristy Chan (Slade) have chosen is cooperation, which feels natural as the two art institutions have collaborated for years already through an exchange student programme. The group exhibition incorporates various art forms and highlights the diverse methods that young artists use for exploring materiality and filtering their personal reality to their works, and also psychological and bodily aspects related to making art. 

Shifting the gaze from the present to the future

In August, it’s time yet again for the invitational exhibition organised by the Paulo Foundation. The exhibition is open from 9 to 25 August at the Project Room, and it will present art by five young artists and one artist duo: Ida Fleming, Joni Kärkkäinen & Valo Vairio, Vilma Määttänen, Jussi Nykänen, Nils Titus andTeppo Vesikukka. The curators of the exhibition are Friso Wiersum and Bart Witte, members of the Expodium collective from Utrecht, Netherlands.

The exhibition tries to find new ways of being together in our increasingly individualistic world, in a situation where changes and potential threat scenarios make working together crucially important. On the other hand, it’s exactly those changes that can give us opportunities to create new ways of being together, ways that respect our fellow creatures and the world that surrounds us. There will also be events organised in relation to the exhibition, and the details will be announced before the exhibition.

In August, the Exhibition Laboratory will serve as a venue for a sculpture-centred group exhibition. Opening in mid-August, Dimensions Tomorrow will showcase works by artists originating both from Finland and abroad. The exhibition raises questions about the identity of sculpture in the continuum of classical sculpture as well as in the context of the possibilities presented by contemporary technology. 

A two-day symposium related to the exhibition will take place in the beginning of September. While the exhibition explores ideas of the sculptural through the act of making, the symposium makes room for wider, deeper and stranger conversations about the different forms of sculpture.

Welcome to our summer exhibitions!

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Exhibitions are open Tue–Sun from 11:00 to 18:00. Closed on Mondays and inbetween exhibitions. Opening hours of the Project Room during Midsummer: open on Midsummer Eve on 21 June from 11:00 to 15:00, closed on Midsummer’s Day on 22 June. Free admission.

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