2.–4.6. Sibelius Academy at Reseach Pavilion

Sibelius Academy at Reseach Pavilion, Venice 2.–4.6.2015
Interdisciplinary exploration of historical, traditional, experimental and improvisational performance practices.

Research Pavilion of the University of the Arts Helsinki
Sala del Camino, Campo S. Cosmo (Vaporetto stop Palanca)
Giudecca, 621 Venice

The University of the Arts Helsinki is organising a Research Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale. The first pavilion in the history of the biennale to be dedicated to research will consist of an international contemporary art exhibition and a platform for events, both featuring artistic research. The dynamic between artistic research and contemporary art will be explored through the theme of experimentality.


2.6. The Winter of out discontent

Debi Wong (voice), Otto Tolonen (guitar) and Mikko Ikäheimo (lute)

The Winter Of Our Discontent is an unconventional dramatic-recital that combines texts by William Shakespeare with the contemporary music of Hans Werner Henze and the historical music of John Dowland, Thomas Campion and Robert Johnson to conjure the spirits of Shakespeare’s most dramatic characters: Richard III, Juliet and Lady Macbeth. This staged recital blurs the boundaries between the historical and the contemporary, the musical and the dramatic, the real and the imaginary.

14.00 Open rehearsal
20.00 Show

3.6.2015 Maija Parko, piano and Anna-Kaisa Pippuri, oboe

13.00 Presentation: On Interdisciplinary Projects
15.00 Experimental Workshop: Humor & the Classical Scene
17.00 Improvised Concert/Performance & discussion

4.6. The Improvisation Research Group

will be represented by three doctoral students from the Centre for Music & Technology: James Andean, Alejandro Olarte, and Dominik Schlienger. These three musicians and sound artists will offer a presentation/performance, in collaboration with other Sibelius Academy participants, exploring some of the expanded territories of free improvisation in music, sound, and beyond.

14.00 Open rehearsal
17.00 Workshop
20.00 Show