“Born-digital” doctoral research in dramaturgy receives honorable mention

Otso Huopaniemi’s doctoral research “Algorithmic Adaptations / Algoritmiset adaptaatiot” received an honorable mention for the N. Katherine Hayles Award for Criticism of Electronic Literature from the international Electronic Literature Organization.

Huopaniemi’s work is described as a “born-digital scholarship, a beautifully designed piece of bilingual, multi-modal web-work.” The Electronic Literature Organization, or ELO, is a Vancouver-based non­profit organization that hands out three different awards to recognise new literary forms that are made to be read on digital systems.

Otso Huopaniemi received his doctorate from the Degree Programme in Dramaturgy at Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy in spring 2018. His doctoral research examines the relationship between writing and technology.

Huopaniemi’s work can be read online at the Acta Scenica portal, which offers a platform for varied digital representations for works in artistic research.

Read Huopaniemi’s work here: http://actascenica.teak.fi/huopaniemi-otso/.